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About Us

We have been in business selling and transporting portable buildings since 2001, but Barns & Blooms was established in February 2013 as a full-service florist and gift shop.

The main component of the building side of our company consists of selling and transporting Mennonite portable storage buildings, but we also sell garages, carports and large commercial grade buildings.  

Floral Products 

Our physical store located in Dixon, KY offers artificial and fresh flowers for weddings, parties and other events, including customized casket sprays for funerals. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of floral arrangements for all the major holidays and special occasions throughout the year. We also stock the following brands in our store; Simply Southern, Candleberry, Willow Tree, Southern Trends and more.

Wood Door Hangers and Home Décor Products

In late 2014 we expanded our product line to include a range of custom decorative wood door hangers and cut outs for monograms. Prior to that, we purchased wholesale cut outs and letter inserts for items we sold through our flower shop. We soon ended up with a surplus of unused letters! This was due to the fact that we could only order standard packs of twenty letters every time we ran out of the more popular letters. We made the decision to bring the process in house so that we could have more flexibility over which letters we had available and also pass on a custom service to our own clients. Since making this change, we have been able to offer our customers the ability to pick and choose the exact letters they need with no minimum and this degree of flexibility has proven to be very popular!

We offer our wood door hangers and home décor products to both individual and wholesale customers*. Our wood cut out products include a wide variety of custom items such as family name and monogram signs; and wreaths, flower arrangements, picture frames, wall decor, furniture etc. As of fall of 2016 we will also start carrying wired ribbon.

Our Workshop

We make all of our door hangers and letter inserts in-house at our workshop in Kentucky using two Laguna Smart Shop CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines. These machines use computer software to cut the wood (usually MDF) into precision shapes and letters. Our work area also includes a full scale ventilated paint shop where we can safely paint items before they go into the store or out for delivery.

Craft Shows and Trade Shows

The Barns & Bloom team enjoys getting out and meeting with members of the public and other shop owners at craft shows and trade shows. We have participated in shows in Biloxi MS, St. Louis MO, Columbus OH, Gatlinburg TN, Birmingham AL, Louisville KY, Springfield IL, and Nashville TN and have more planned.